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  1. Claire Terrien – performer, architect, light and set designer

    - born 1981 in France

    started training circus techniques (acrobatics, handstand, balancing acts) and theatre at the age of 15. After graduating in architecture 2007, she focussed interventions in-situ and different forms of interaction with the audience: postgraduation program for art in public space FAIAR/2008, art installations in public spaces ( Karkatag - SRB, Ateliers Stark - DE). Since 2005 she works in Germany as a freelance light and set designer for dance, theater and new circus productions (a.o. Lea Moro - CH/DE, Jana Korb -CZ/DE, Porcopolis project - FR/SP).

    She is co-founder of Villa Kuriosum, a place for multidisciplinary art practices in Berlin and since 2010 also co-curating the arts and circus festival „Circusbiennale“. She holds workshops in the fields of object-theatre and multimedia art installations with a special focus on young girls education regarding handcrafts. In 2014 she joined the Gangplank-network that develops new relationships between art and technologies, working on cross-media communications like Lanbox and Arduino plattforms. Simultaneously she started to develop and produce her own performances in a field between object-theater, dance and new circus. She is currently living in Berlin.

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  2. Lena Gätjens - light artist, set and costum designer, illustrator

    - born 1983 in Germany

    She studied Stage and Costume Design (Diploma) in Graz and Lisbon. 2013 she graduated in the mastercourse for Architectural Lighting Design at Hochschule Wismar. For eight years she has been working as a freelance Stage and Costume Designer for state theatres as well as independent productions. Since 2013 she works as a light artist, lighting designer and illustrator.

    Observing light and using it as an expressive and narrative tool, is a continuation of her involvement with the scenic space. She realized her masterthesis within the project Grandhotel Cosmopolis, where she researched about light in the context of a Social Sculpture. The potential of light to design space, perception and narrative scenes is being investigated about in Lena Gätjens‘ installations, works in public space and in architecture.

    As a part of the collective 333 she realizes art in public and art in building projects. She is part of the project horstjesolé running a telephone booth, moving it in the public space and once set up rings and by that, invites passers-by to a truly one-to-one conversation with strangers.

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  3. Caroline Cecilia Tallone / K Lì - musician, luthier, photographer

    - born 1979 in Switzerland

    She plays hurdy-gurdy (modified), violin, melodeon. She developed her own instrument based on a amplified board that she plays together with varying objects. She is also photographer, illustrator and instrument maker.

    She graduated from the Professional Institute of Violin Making in Cremona in 2000, collaborated and played all over Europe with several italian ensembles, orchestras and singer-songwriters. With a background of classical, antique and folk music, she is currently collaborating with various musicians and performers active in the experimental, electroacoustic and improvised music scene.

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